Woman who ordered area boys to assault actor, Akeem Adeyemi on movie set arrested

The yet-to-be identified woman who ordered for the manhandling of actor, Akeem Adeyemi on a movie set in Gbagada, Lagos has been arrested.

The married woman was said to be the one who instigated commotion which led to the injuring of Akeem Adeyemi.

According to a source, it was gathered that the building where Akeem Adeyemi and his crew members were shooting a movie at, belongs to the suspect and her husband.

“Everyone in the area knows that the woman is a problematic person. She created a scene while actor Akeem and co were on set and invited area boys to sc@tter the place”.

This is coming hours after the movie producer got permission from the lady’s husband to use the building to sh@@t.

The area boys were said to have destr#yed a camera worth N30m and inj¥red Akeem on his face. She was arrested and on her way into the police van, she got booed by neighbors cause they know her to always cause problems in the area,” a source said.

Area boys assault Akeem Adeyemi

KFN earlier reported that area boys had assaulted Akeem Adeyemi on a movie set, today, Tuesday, December 6th.

This was made known by his colleague, Wumi Toriola, who had raised alarm over the mistreatment given to him.

Taking to her Instagram page, to share a disturbing video of the actor with bloody eyes, she cried out over the manhandling of actors.

Sharing details of the ordeal, she revealed that area boys had turned a peaceful filming into a bloody scene.

“See what area boys did. To what end. Peaceful filming turned this.

Help. Ifako gbagada be precise”.

Taiwo Hassan fights dirty with tout

Recall that actor, Taiwo Hassan had experienced similar fate in Ilaro months back.

The veteran couldn’t keep calm when touts approached him in Ilaro.

Sharing his side of the story, the veteran revealed that he had gone to his hometown of Ilaro to inspect a project when unknown guys walked up to him for the normal self appraisals.

All of which was to collect money from him which he eventually succumbed to.

However, one of the guys, who seemed to have the actor in mind, dragged him after draining his wallet to engage in a scuffle with.

The actor flared up and lost his cool when the tout who held tightly to his agbada said he wouldn’t leave him until he meets their demand.

The tout told Taiwo to do his worse, and at that instant the actor flared up and blows were exchanged.

As always, the other touts joined their colleague in fighting the actor and his partner.

In the video he uploaded on Instagram, one of the touts seemed to have damaged the actor’s car.

See video of the woman causing commotion below,

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