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Who Else Experiences This With Nigerian Girls


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They start out by claiming I LOVE YOU and yeah they show it by calling, texting, even never demanding for a dime from you.

And boom! After a month or two they start changing. You ask them why and they get furious and then you know its the money.

Some form ignorance of their funny attitude while the ones who are mindful enough to open up to you will claim that you’re not a given person even though you dey try sometimes o.

Somehow they feel entitled to your finances only because you guys are “Dating”. My close friends have experienced this a lot especially with the ones they felt were gonna be good girl wife materials.

If I decide to buy you gifts of my own accord, fine! But never get the thinking that I owe you shiiiiiii simply because you’re with me.

I won’t buy you an iPhone until I get mom, my female cousins and my sisters, so stop the entitlement mindset. It’s not ideal.

Funny thing is they end up leaving, then they come back when they notice you’re not a push over dude. Very confused set of women.

Who Else Experiences This?

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