Teni & Eniola Badmus’ weight loss journey: A continuous underrepresentation of plus-sized women in the Nigerian entertainment industry

Trying to lose weight is difficult. One needs to be thoughtful, reliable, and determined. Teni, a well-known Nigerian music star, and Eniola Badmus, an actress, have amazed everyone with their weight loss journeys. But this has prompted worries about the persistent underrepresentation of plus-sized women in the Nigerian entertainment sector.

Kemi Filani News recalls that Badmus, has several times in the past expressed her interest to loss weight and Teni just shared a trimmed up body photo of herself, prompting critics to accuse her of undergoing a gastric bypass.

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Badmus who often speaks on body positivity, added that she needs an authentic way of shedding her weight and asked her followers for help. “I really really really want to go back to this stature…………Who can take me on this journey legit ooooooo,” she captioned the image.


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Reacting via her Twitter page to shut down reports about going under the knife, Teni attributed her new look to other weight loss methods and not surgery, like many assumed. She revealed that she has lost 75 pounds without surgery. She wrote, “Lost 75 pounds no surgery! Dumb asses claiming I did can s*k mine!”.

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Some have expressed concern over the fall in the number of plus-sized women in the Nigerian entertainment business, despite the fact that many have complimented them for trying to improve their lives by reducing weight.

Previously, these two served as the community’s big, bold, and gorgeous frontwomen.

Aside from their individual talents, the majority of big individuals consistently showed their support for them since they were role models for body positivity.

It must have meant a lot to many people with the same body mass index to witness these two celebrities enjoy mainstream careers in a field where only women who fit a certain aesthetic are favored.

Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson, a writer and pundit, commented on Facebook: “I mean, sometimes we just adore individuals because they mirror our being and shortcomings.”

He continued, “One thing with the BBB community is that they will always endorse their own and will stomp on your neck if you dare speak against them. They went hard for BBNaija’s Amaka just because she was fluffy. And the fact that Teni and Eniola both seemed comfortable in their skin made their fans love them fiercely. Eniola, before trimming her waist, appeared to be unbreakable whenever she spoke against body-shaming by online trolls. Teni rocked her weight in her extra-large tees and didn’t seem to give a phuck. Until these two left the big, bold and beautiful club without saying goodbye. You won’t understand the enormous impact of their decisions. If you check, most people that have been bashing them are big folks whose feelings were crushed. To them, Teni and Eniola led them to believe that the weight was cool and gave them a sense of pride, but have now shown that they really didn’t love their authentic selves. They also consider their decisions to lose weight a selfish one. Now who’s going to rep the club for the culture? BNXN? No, the ladies amongst them want a lady and that seems to be lacking right now.”

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