‘Stop taking the glory of project built with task payers money’- Netizens tackle Osborn Nweze, Gov Umah’s son over newly built mall

Some Nigerians are not taking it easy on Osborn Nweze, after he visited Ebonyi International mall, the largest shopping mall in Nigeria, built by his father and governor of the state, David Umahi.

During his visit to the ultra modern shopping mall, Osborn Nweze, a serial entrepreneur, also paid shopping expenses of all shoppers present and gave out New Years gifts.

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Osborn Nweze, who is also the founder of Osborne Foundation, paid a visit to his father during the trip.

‘Today I visited the Ebonyi mall which is one of the largest in Nigeria, built by my father Governor David Umahi. We are grateful to God for enabling us complete such a massive project. Glory to God,” he captioned the post on his verified Instagram page.

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Reacting to this some of his followers accused him of taking the glory of the project his father executed with task payers money.

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Juniororient wrote: Your father built or the state? Anyways, congratulations.

Shalewari wrote: Is it privately owned or a state asset?

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Ernestblinqs wrote: The people of Ebonyi state built the mall through your father’s administration. It is a state project my brother not an individual one.

It would be recalled that a few months ago, while the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, are still embroiled in an industrial stand-off, following an eight-month strike and payment of half salary Osborn Nweze received his master’s honours from the University of Aberdeen.

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In a video posted on his Instagram handle, @osbornnweze, he is seen climbing the stage to be decorated.

A post accompanying the photo reads: “Today I received my Masters degree in finance & investment management from the University of Aberdeen, I dedicate this degree to Jesus, my lord & saviour. Thank you to my mother for her prayers & thank you to my family & friends. Glory to God.”

The video was captioned Winter Graduation 2022.

Osborn Nweze, who studied Engineering at Surrey University, and graduated at 19 years in 2019, is the Managing Director of Brass Oil and Construction Limited, founded by his father.

He is also the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of Osborn Lapalm Royal Resort, director of finance at Forte GCC Innovative Solutions and founder, Osborn Foundation.

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