“Stay away” Actress, Yvonne Nelson warns her female colleagues

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has issued a stern warning to her female colleagues to stay away from her.

Taking to the micro-blogging platform on Friday, the single mother of one, shared her encounters with some of her female colleagues.

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Yvonne accused them of living fake lives and getting mad when they find out she doesn’t live in their world.

According to her, they approach her, trying to get into her business, but when they find out she doesn’t fake her lifestyle, they get mad.

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Telling them to stay away, she stated that she wants to inspire them from afar.

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“These industry ladies keep approaching me, trying to get into my biz, when they realize I can’t pretend/fake like the whole industry does, they get mad. You want a plot of land, I hooked you up, why so bitter? I wanna inspire you from afar! Y’all stay away”.

Yvonne Nelson warns female colleagues

Yvonne warns ladies about slimming tea

Last year, Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson had taken to Twitter to warn ladies who believe in slimming tea and waist trainers to help them lose weight.

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According to Yvonne, slimming teas and waist trainers companies are fooling ladies because these things don’t work.

The mother of one however advised females to either go for a liposuction surgery or the gym to get their dream body.

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In her words;

“Before we go to church, lemme say this… baby gyal, no slimming tea/ waist trainer is gonna give up no TAPOLI/ snatched body, stop letting these companies/ influencers fool you. Two people. a doctor or your mum and one place, the gym can give you that body”.

Yvonne Nelson warns ladies against being perfect

Also, Yvonne Nelson had advised ladies to not push too hard in their effort to look perfect.

The single mother of one stated that it is most times better to feel inadequate than pressure oneself to look perfect.

She also advised that it is best to focus the energy used in chasing after perfection to build one’s brain as a woman.

Yvonne Nelson wrote:

“This is a sincere and an honest post Calm down young girl, I AM NOT PERFECT , we aren’t perfect. Don’t push too hard to be perfect physically…..its ok to feel inadequate sometimes, we are only human …..put that energy into educating yourself.

Use the part of the body many forget to use, THE BRAIN, use it to its fullest, read, explore, Smile, speak up, don’t be afraid, breathe…. and know this one thing you are perfect in God’s eyes, you are different and that makes you unique.

Never try to be someone else, don’t let them distract you! God has tailored your journey for YOU. Sending my love to you all. SMILE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. ( bottom photos have snapchat filters on / top photos are raw , No make up, no wigs ) i decided to use everyday photos”.

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