See Justin Bieber’s reaction to Tems smashing hit song ‘Ice T.’

Grammy award-winning singer Justin Bieber took to his social media platform to react to the classic song from popular Nigerian singer Tems.

Justin Bieber Tems
JB performing at a concert and Tems at the Oscar awards 2023

Celebrities and not just fans can not just get enough of the grammy award-winning singer, songwriter and performer Tems as Justin Bieber took to his social media platform to share a video of him having a nice time with the hit song ‘Ice T’ from the Nigerian singer.

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Justin Bieber who has been on and off social media following his battle with the Ramsey Hunt Syndrome, which led to the partial paralysis of his face. J.B is one of the numerous international celebrities that just can not get enough of how talented Tems is.

Tems was recently in the spotlight for her outfit at the 95th edition of the Oscar awards it was the center of criticism which led to reactions from top celebrities such as DJ Tunez, Rihanna and Tems herself.

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