Portable Shows Off ‘Huge Cash’ Sprayed On Him By Fans

Controversial Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has shown off the money party lovers rained on him at a recent show.

While flaunting the cash, the singer appreciated his fans for the massive love shown to him during the show.

He further mocked those who told him, fans wouldn’t spray him after buying tickets to attend his show.

He noted that his ‘Detty December’ is all set as he’s cashing out from his show.

“See money, I won’t go where they shoot gun, but where they spray money. They said they won’t spray, but see money”, the controversial singer said in the video shared on his Instagram.

Meanwhile, Portable recently stated that he does not have a plan B if the music does not work for him.

The singer argued that he can fight his battle himself without any external help from colleagues and allies in the industry.

Portable advised his fans to learn to stand on their own because nobody else can change their situation but themselves.

He wrote; “I don’t a have PLAN B, It’s do or Die. A lion never looks back Aja Longbo. I can fight my own battle alone #IKA OF AFRIKA# Album loading…Una Go Shock As he dey hot.

“Hustle first, enjoy after. Everybody knows the matter Enu Kiniun Lowo Wa  Learn to be alone not everyone will stay forever only you can change your situation Pray for Grace.”

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