“Now a mechanic” – Man makes fun of friend who used to be a baller but now broke, shares before and after photos (Video)

A video hitting the internet has got many attention as a man made fun of his friend, who live his life as a baller but has now gone broke.

In the video surfacing online, the young man his buddy who used to tension people on social media with his show of wealth only for the situation to change.

He jumped on the before vs after trend to show off the current condition of the former baller who is now broke.

In the throwback video, the big bou boy was dressed in flashy outfits with golden chains and he apparently used to take his friends to chill in hotel and nice relaxation spots.

But towards end of the clip, he could be seen looking sad while in an artisan’s clothe.

Social media users expressed their displeasures as they thronged to the platform to share their thoughts.

Watch the video below:


Some reactions are shown below:

update_geez said, “Na still shege na, e never reach shege banzaaa , he still get data Dy do video call ”.

o.dejirano said, “This video no mean say e broke aje it can be cruise or whining way turn to another thing don’t judge like that”.

hannah_ayomi said, “You lose em the same way you get em”.

ddonstam_01 said, “I used to tell my guys, it’s not about getting money…. It’s the grace to spend it”.

weirdayoo said, “Never mock a brother to entertain the table or the internet”.

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