Movie Trailer: Peter The Manny

“Ajebo” london-born Diana gives birth to a set of twin boys. She is burdened by this and hastily employs the services of a Manny (a male nanny) to take care of her babies which is disapproved by her husband who insisted on having the regular “omugwo”. Peter “The Manny” comes into the home with two extra baggages- the gateman and an international cook.
Starring:  Greg oj, Tope Olowoniyan, Nicholas Frank, Jane Obi, Ray KatiNns, Nnamdi Kanaga and Juliet Njemanze.
Written by Linda Ibeh
Produced by  Immanuel Udochukwu, co produced by Crey Ahanonu, Ray Katinns, Michael Onah-Lenix,
Executive Producer: Ray KatiNns
Directed by: Michael Onah-Lenix.
Watch or download the trailer below as we anticipate the movie, PETER “THE MANNY”…. coming soon.

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