Moment A Thief Was Attacked And Stripped Naked By Two Dogs In A Compound He Broke Into (Video)

A video of the moment an alleged thief was attacked by two dogs in a compound he broke into is currently making rounds online.

The petty thief stormed the compound in the middle of the night with plans to steal from the occupants, unknown to him that the house was heavily guarded by two well-trained dogs.

In the trending clip, the dogs are seen attacking the thief and pulling at his trouser as he screamed for help. Fortunately for him, his shout alerted the owner of the house who came out to call the dogs to order.


“Crusher, sit down there, go back”, the owner was heard giving commands to one of the dogs named Crusher.

However, the dogs didn’t listen to their owner’s commands and kept biting the thief in different parts of his body.

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