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Let’s Talk! Is Obasanjo Among Nigeria’s Heroes Or Criminals?


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Hi, Fans, 

Am not here to campaign for anybody because none of these rulers we all call leaders have any positive structure in place for we youths.

The main aim of this post is not for you guys to argue unnecessarily via the comment but to give me your positive opinions to this big question ⇒ Is Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo Among Nigerian’s Heroes Or Criminals?

Without much argument, anyone who believes in God must agree that the man, Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo, Nigeria’s two-time ruler, is a beneficiary of the inexhaustible grace of God. He has done his best for Nigeria. And to crown it up he just acquires a doctorate at the age of 80?🙏🙏

A few days back the Ex-president wrote a letter to the president warning him not to run for 2019 Election😀 Imagine! Obasanjo likes to write a letter, but he doesn’t want a letter to be written to him, the same letter he wrote to President was the letter that got  Audu Ogbeh sacked as PDP Chairman By Obasanjo during his regime in 20o4. The detail of the letter is a story for another.

The same Obasanjo supported and encouraged his Godson Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to run for Presidential Candidate in 2011. Can you tell me what Goodluck Ebele Jonathan achieved during his 6years in office?

It’s unarguable President Buhari’s regime seems tough for all of us in the country due to some mistakes he had made from the beginning but to be sincere is Obasanjo not among those who campaigned for him and confused the whole Nigerians that  he believes Buhari Can Bring the Change we want and even went to the extent of tearing is PDP membership.

This man has forgotten some of the errors he committed against this country more than once has not been corrected to date. When they keep endorsing rulers and not leaders.

Now he’s speaking up to show us is time his focus on the future than the past 😬😀 Sakamanje…

I want you guys to stay woke ahead of the political stunt our rulers are about to play against 2019 Election Again

For Me! Obasanjo Is A Criminal!!!! Don’t Be surprised if he endorses Bukola Saraki For President.

So left to you guys to share your opinions!!

Do You Think Obasanjo Is Among Nigerian’s Heroes Or Criminals?

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