“Introduction should be a parlor meeting” – Lady advises Nigerians on traditional weddings

A lady named Falilat on Twitter has made it clear that she does not buy the idea of making marriage introduction elaborate. 

She explained that it ought to be just a meeting in the parlor with both families and that the matching outfit and other things involved were not necessary. 

In her words:

My hot take is that, introduction shouldn’t be a party rather a parlor meeting with both families officially meeting for the first time with at most two close friends there to support you, other than that I see no reason y’all wearing matching outfits for introduction. 

“Hire make up artist, buy new clothes even make it matching when y’all just introducing yourselves to your family.”

Netizens didn’t agree with her as some stated that she didn’t have any right to tell people how to celebrate their milestones.

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