“In this life, get money” – Video trends as lady shares how husband-to-be noticed her at a wedding, causes stirs online (Watch)

A pretty lady has shared how her husband-to-be, Dennis, noticed her at a wedding she attended and her revelation got many talking.

In a video making the rounds online, the young lady made it revelation on her wedding day that she and her man got to know each other after he noticed her dancing at the wedding.

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She disclosed that he got her number from a guy friend and then the chemistry started.

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In her words; “Dennis and I met a wedding. He was a groomsman and i was a guest at the wedding”.

“Then that day I was dancing, Ladies dance at wedding ooo. He noticed me because my dancing. So my friend told me that there is this boy looking at you. and I didn’t pay attention. I did even noticed him that night.”

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“Then he took my number from one of the guys, who happened to be a friend. Later that night he texted me and told me he wanted us to meet and it was two days before he was suppose to leave Ghana.”

“We scheduled to our first date a day he left. we kept in touch we communicating and then we decided to meet but we didn’t know where.”

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“So both of us came to a conclusion to meet in London After we met, we knew we really felt something great for each other. and we decided to pursue it and here we are today. Moral lesson dance at wedding period”. Watch the video below:


The video generated controversial reactions as internet users redefined that having money is the most important thing one need to get married. Some reactions are shown below:

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patrickmirabel09 said, “Me way don Dey dance since 😂 nobody don ever notice me 😂😂😭”.

josephizebere said, “@victoria__korede shey you dey see why I dey come your wedding 😂😂”.

_neche___ said, “So dem plan date from Ghana to London…… God abeg na this kind thing I dey like oo”.

odycherry said, “Moral lesson.. as a lady have money oooo so you can fit travel go London go see guy wey you like 😂😂😂”.

ediblisscakesnevents said, “I sabi dance, I get London money. its just that I don’t have chance to travel 😂”.

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