“I will report you to Alhaja” Bimbo Ademoye warns VJ Adams, months before wedding engagement

Since the news of actress, Bimbo Ademoye engagement to popular VJ Adams broke out, the internet is yet to get over the lovebirds.

A resurfaced video of VJ Adams giving a hint at his relationship with Bimbo has made it’s way to internet.

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In the video, VJ Adams had pranked Bimbo, pretending to have gotten a porn endorsement deal. The popular VJ had tried convincing her to agree to the lucrative deal.

To further convince her, he said he would cover his face and would be paid a million dollar to engage in it. Despite his several attempts to convince her, Bimbo didn’t yield to him.

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Rather than be convinced, Bimbo got angry and threatened to report him to his mother, who is an ‘Alhaja’.

She queried why the brand would use him of all celebrities to engage in such immoral activity.

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Further expressing displeasure, she queried if he had forgotten his background.

Bimbo threats

She said,

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“Why are they getting across to you in the first place for God’s sake.

What is on your Instagram page aside from being funny and doing your job?

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You don’t even post a shirtless picture

The thing is about to get me angry, stop fucking playing with me.

Don’t met me commit blunder. Don’t call…get the fuck off my phone. I can’t even hear you because I don’t even want to hear you right now.
But you’re not telling them no…why?

Do you understand where your background was.

I swear to God I will call Alhaja right now and tell her that you’re about to be a bastard”.

Bimbo Ademoye’s outburst during the prank has made doubting Thomas believe that the two are a item.

Bimbo Ademoye and VJ Adams engaged

Recall that fans of actress Bimbo Ademoye jubilated over an alleged report that she is now engaged to popular VJ Adams.

Adams Ibrahim Adebola, popularly known as VJ Adams, is a Nigerian video jockey, television presenter, entrepreneur, musician cum executive producer. His journey into the limelight came after he contested at the 2008 edition of Next Movie Star West Africa.

Gossip blog, Gist Lover, claimed actress Bimbo Ademoye and VJ Adams have been seeing each other for a while now and are now set to walk down the aisle.

“Everybody come out oooo, Rolake finally find love again oooo, she is off the market… as it is now, Vj Adams is occupying the space for now and they are so serious about it” the news portal announced.

Gist lover further claimed that the couple recently did a private family introduction just before sealing their affair with an upcoming wedding.

“Their kids will be so fine. They are both dedicated Muslims and I am happy for them, But I’m shocked sha, i thought she was involved with Kunle Remi” one Ashabi reacted

“This news makes me so happy, I am super excited” one Anike reacted

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