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“I had no idea it would be like this” – Kelechi James on Spotlite Artiste


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High-life Gospel musician Kelechi James in an interview with Basebaba.com said he had no idea he would be so widely listened to.
He wanted to make music for people around him, he said. He wanted to do something he loved and if just one person said they were touched by it, then fine. He said:
I never planned for this; I had no idea it would be like this. Some things would happen to some people and they would say it was dream come true.  In my own case, I didn’t even have any dream. I just wanted to make music for people around me to listen to. I just wanted to do what I loved and I was okay if it was just one person that would tell me my music touched his soul. God decided to bless me and take my music all over the world, I am grateful for it.
Discussing High-life gospel music, Kelechi James said it’s better one goes into it with the intention to preach the gospel, and not to make money. He said:
If you are a gospel minister, you have to know you are in a ministry.
If you are in it for the money, you may be disappointed. It is not that you will not make money in the long run but that is not the focus, the focus is to preach the gospel through your music.
When your focus is to do something that would sell, you would lose focus. If you want to do it for the business, then try secular music. You need to be called to be a gospel artiste because you would have to endure when the money is not coming and you have to wait on the Lord and learn to use your faith.

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