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How Terry G Became Irrelevant On The Street – Can He Still Blow Again?


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Hello Guys,

Let’s talk about Terry G «How one of Nigeria’s Most Decorated Street Artistes became a Rag in the space of 5 Years»

Firstly, you all would agree with me that Terry G has lost street relevance and it’s long overdue for the Akpako master to bounce back, can he still blow again?

His irrelevancy was due to all of the below mentioned factors.

Let’s go 👇


Terry G started off his career from church, then he delve into music production before putting out songs himself.

Being able to combine production and singing shows he’s truly talented but his inability to pick one to focus more on actually had a terrible effect on his career and ended up washing him off the Industry radar.

Lesson:- Find your balance and focus more on the one that comes freely.


He came into the industry with a rhythm you would always dance to once the DJ rolls his song in.

Terry G as a person might not be your favorite back then but his music was everywhere and that made him accepted by everyone.

Songs like Free Madness, Troway and Pass Me Your Love ft Ay.com was an anthem back then in Nigeria and beyond. We surely won’t forget those songs in a rush.

Seems Nigerians however got sick and tired of his one-way style or something? 🤔🤔🤔

Lesson:- Understand your Audience and give them what they want. Don’t try to follow trends that might take you off your path.


There were so many drama surrounding his rise to fame, from heavy weed and drinks consumption to bling blings.

There were news about his baby mama hating his music which affected him too.

I remember vividly a particular event in Lagos where he slapped DJ Jimmy Jatts assistant DJ, this got him into trouble as association of Nigeria DJs stopped playing his songs.

Controversies helps stay relevant if creatively handled but it took Terry G’s career to the grave.

Lesson:- Respect your colleagues, everyone matters in the race of life.


At some point in his career, he ventured into businesses, one of them is Pure water business in Lagos.

Maybe Terry G could not multi task by combining music with other business without one slowing down the other.

His music suffered as he focused more on his newly established Pure water business outfit.

Lesson:- One very important lesson every Entrepreneur should learn from this is never to let a Secondary business let you go off your Primary business.


For a successful music career you need a solid proper and solid talent management that would strategize best PRs, Promotions tactics and all.

Check list of other artiste that has been around for a long time, proper management is key in their growth and staying relevant.

After Terry G’s big break in Nigeria music industry, he was approached by then 2Baba Manager Efe Omoregbe for management deal, he refused for reasons best known to him.

Staying relevant has a lot to do with people you associate with and people that engineers your career.

Lesson:- Work with people that compliments your effort and brings out the best in you.


Having said all that above, We personally feel Terry G can still blow if he goes back to the drawing board and re-strategize, get a vibrant team and start dishing out good music consistently again.

Apkako master still got a lot of ginger that can go round.

We wish him goodluck 🙏🙏🙏

Thank You.


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