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Home and Away spoilers: Ebony traps Colby so she can set him on fire


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Home and Away character Ebony is played by actress Cariba Heine (Picture: Channel 5)

Colby and Robbo have been waiting for Ebony to return after her dramatic string of crimes in the Bay, and it looks like her comeback will be dramatic. After setting up a page online in an effort to find his sister, Colby has been constantly checking it for updates.

When a Bella gets in touch, he’s convinced she’s reached out and wants to connect – but Jasmine isn’t so sure. Ignoring his friends’ warnings, Colby is convinced that the knowledge Bella has means it must be his sister.

When Bella asks to meet, he jumps at the chance, blowing off a gym session with Jasmine so he can jump in the car and speed off. Jasmine heads to the Pier Apartment and tells Robbo that Colby has been acting oddly, which leads him to put two and two together.

Ebony has an evil plan for Colby (Picture: Channel 5)

Calling up Colby, Robbo asks him what he’s playing at – he could be walking into a trap. He makes Colby put in an earpiece and starts recording the call in case it’s needed as evidence.

Colby walks into a deserted house, wondering where Bella could be. Seeing an open door, he wanders into a room which is covered in mysterious posters. Then the door slams shut…

Colby is trapped by Ebony (Picture: Channel 5)

Using walkie talkies, Ebony tells Colby he won’t get out. Alerted to the danger, Robbo gets into his car and starts speeding towards the location, not caring he’s breaking his bail conditions. Meanwhile, Ebony tells Colby he deserves to burn in hell, and starts dousing the house with petrol.

With a lighter in hand, Ebony prepares to drop it on the floor and set the place on fire – will Robbo get there in time?

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