GH woman fights her husband for hosting his mother in their marital home [Video]

A viral video that captures a married woman aggressively confronting her husband for hosting his mother in their matrimonial home has stirred mixed reactions online.

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The amusing clip has left many people jaw-dropped as the enraged wife chose to settle the matter ferociously rather than having a well-disposed conversation.

She created a dramatic scene in protest of the unwelcome presence of her mother-in-law and threatened to beat her husband to a pulp if he did not send his mother away.

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According to her, she married only her husband, not both of them and deserved to enjoy a peaceful married life without any interference from family relatives.

The man on the other hand seemed unperturbed by his wife’s dramatic display to send his mother packing.

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While trying to keep his calm, the wife kept testing his patience and pushed his limit to a point he nearly abused her physically.

Watch the video below

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For whatever reason the woman is furious, netizens have suggested that she didn’t handle the situation well as it would destroy the relationship between her mother-in-law for life.


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