GH couple go nak*ed on TikTok just for likes and followers

A TikTok video that went rife on social media yesterday captures a husband and his wife happily dancing semi-nude inside their living room.

In the video, the happy couple can be seen dancing their hearts out as if they had won the lottery.

While dancing, the husband was also smoking weed and puffing the smoke out like a professional.

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We don’t know what triggered the couple to share this explicit video of themselves online – But commentary surrounding the now-viral video alleges that the husband is a former pastor.

GH couple go naked on TikTok just for likes and followers

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According to reports, the couple lost touch with reality after they lost their two children.

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They have now resorted to drinking and smoking to console themselves for the tragic death of their two adorable kids.

The couple looks visibly unwell and appears to be suffering from a mental-related disease.

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