Female banker makes customers wait in queue as she purchases fabrics inside banking hall on duty [Video]

Lady on Twitter has called out a banker at FCMB who kept her and two other people waiting for over 30 minutes while she purchased fabrics.

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She claimed that the lady kept them waiting as she selected fabrics to buy from a vendor during office hours.

Reacting to the video, a lot of netizens defended the banker while others thought she was wrong as well.

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“Sorry but, is this appropriate? Went to the bank to fix my card and the woman made two other people and myself wait at most 30 minutes while she purchased fabrics.”

Reacting, @Asapchow wrote: “30m is too long bruh. Did she ask/plead with you guys (customers) before she did this? I’m Just curiously thinking away from b/w “

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@aregbs wrote: “You should have stopped her. Kindly take this down. The consequences seem larger than what you can imagine.”

@EnochAyoade said: “I can’t believe people are actually defending the woman buying clothes on duty 😅😅. Na why our country be like this sha. We actually deserve people who rule us. Do you all know what this is call?”

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See the post below:

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