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Empire Season 5 Episode 10 – “My Fault Is Past”


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Empire returns on screen with Episode 10, “My Fault Is Past” which aired on Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

In the episode, Cookie Lyon sought to know the truth behind Kinglsey’s birth and she confirmed that from his mother lying in the hospital bed. It all happened before Cookie met Lucious.

Seeing the health state of Kingsley’s mother who had suffered multiple strokes from cramps and drug abuse, she felt a heavy guilty upon herself that the past is fast catching up on them.

At the press conference that welcomed the Lyons back as management of Empire, Cookie moved again, almost let her emotion took over but Lucious was quick enough to save the moment.

Jamal’s journalist boyfriend out of affection took to help Lucious get some details pertaining to Kingsley’s ally and he was taken to shock to discover how the Lyons maneuver their acts. Left with no option, he’s walking away from Jamal as the later won’t deny who he is – A Lyon!

Jeff Kingsley makes another move to paralyse Empire after Lucious had got back his seat. Having all the master recordings of the Empire songs, he threatens to erase everything on one click. Lucious won’t let this happen, he settles it in the father-and-son manner.

Andre after leaving the Empire party with his new found love, the mother of the boy he freed from prison, he went unconscious on the steering. This explains why he was rushed to the hospital. Is he really going to die.

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