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A full house wife is a strong woman who is industrious and has the ability to stand for her home financially, spiritually, morally, and skillfully. You can’t find her to be a lazy type. You will never find a full house wife at home when her mates are making ends meet in other to give support to the husband. The only time you find her at home is after work in the evening preparing dinner and attending to her kids.
There is a saying that states thus;
An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. The moment you get married to a liability wife who sits at home doing nothing she begins to observe things that aren’t necessary about you, a man who carries the whole responsibilities at home will surely get older than his age. To the men’s now, it’s unreasonable of you to have the thought of getting married to A LIABILITY WIFE and not the woman who is a full house wife whom can represent you anywhere, anytime. Would you prefer to marry a woman who has a good high ideology or the woman who has low knowledge.
A liability wife is That woman who lacks knowledge about everything not even HOME MANAGEMENT. When we talk about home management, it’s not just over taking the house chores but you being the supporting pillar both physically, spiritually, morally, and financially. Let’s try to understand the basis of the FULL HOUSEWIFE THING AND LIABILITY HOUSE WIFE THING in other not to continue living in an ignorant world. If you want a liability as a wife then you had better settle for a NO AMBITION WOMAN
the moment you settle for less then you’ve destroyed the future

Akhigbe Gbemisola
Queen Nancy

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