Crossdresser Bobrisky’s ailing fan, Lord Casted, is dead

Lord Casted, the die-hard fan of Crossdresser, Bobrisky who tattooed his name on his body, is dead.

Basebaba news reports that Lord Casted, who has been on sick bed for months after contracting HIV from the machine used to tattoo Bobrisky’s name on his body, has passed on.

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Recall that the Lord Casted, whose real name is Ayodeji Adejowa went viral with his mother in 2021 after getting a tattoo of Bobrisky on his arm.

In a phone conversation with Instablog9ja, his mother confirmed his untimely death. She disclosed to the blog that the young man succumbed to the virus on Saturday, December 24, 2022.

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Lord Casted cries out for help, calls out Bobrisky

In October, Lord Casted had trended on social media for looking sick.

According to him, he was infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) as a result of the equipment used for the tattoo inscription on his arm.

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He also claimed to be on drugs and in need of assistance, urging Nigerians, bloggers, and others to help him beg Bobrisky for forgiveness.

He said, “Hello guys it’s Lord Casted. Do you remember the guy who tattooed Bobrisky on his arm? I am here o. All I wanted was just help, now I got the disease from the machine they used to draw the tattoo. I am already taking my drugs, I am okay, I am fine”

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“I am shaking like this because I am still taking drugs, so I want to beg all Nigerians, all bloggers to help me beg Bobrisky to forgive me, he should just make sure I am okay, please.”

Bobrisky replies Lord Casted

In response to the call out, Bobrisky warned the sick looking young man to desist from tarnishing his image.

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Bobrisky also claimed he had helped Lord Casted before, but got insults at the end of the day.

“Stop calling my name. If you truly need help stop taking drugs. Lastly stop lying you contacted hiv from the tattoo you drew my name with & . Talk about d big Tatoo on ur chest first why involving my name. Use condom una no go hear e don happen Na bob must suffer it. When you were enjoying it raw i dey help you enjoy am ?

Ask for help not that emotional blackmail video you are doing. If there’s one thing i wish or want to erase is helping ungrateful people. lord casted or whatever name you called urself stop calling my name in ur videos. I remember d last time i gave you money and help you after few months you rained Insult on me and called me fake. I’m shock seeing ur videos now begging me to help you. Sad only if we all can see what can happen in the future we won’t mess things up with our hands,” Bobrisky wrote on his verified Instagram page.

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