Cape Town shutdown: “Every citizen has the right to peaceful protests”

Tertuis Simmers the Minister of Western Cape Human Settlements, stipulated that the proposed strikes by communities in Cape Town should remain peaceful and not violate the rights of others.

When is the scheduled strike?

There is a planned protest set by communities such as Parkwood, Factreton, Kensington, Ocean View, Mamre and Paarl. The strike action is scheduled for 5:00 to 11:00 on Thursday, 8 August 2019.

The department has stated that the scheduled “shutdown” set by Cape Town communities. should not violate the rights of others. Especially those who need to get to work, school, health facilities or any other prior engagement.

“Every citizen has the right to peaceful protests, but it should be done within the ambit of the law and not interfere with the rights of others. I’d like to encourage residents to address concerns through their ward councillors, as these are the representatives which they have elected to assist them.

Residents are reminded that they must ensure they are registered on the housing database and should their details like a cellphone number have changed since registration, they need to update their information on the database.”

Tertuis Simmers, Minister of Western Cape Human Settlements

What is the strike about?

The predestined strike is about the lack of housing, as beneficiaries are identified from the housing waiting lists, backyard-dwellers are not prioritised. The department is promising that they prioritise a “50/50 split” within criteria when allocating housing. They further encourage that backyard dwellers should be registered on the housing database.

“Backyard dwellers should know that I’ve heard their pleas, and it is for this reason that at the end of June 2019. I issued an executive directive to all municipalities in the province, to include backyarders in their housing allocation criteria.”

Tertuis Simmers, Minister of Western Cape Human Settlements

Areas of priority for housing development

Resources will be strategically focused on these three priority areas:

  • Directing more resources for the upgrading of informal settlements and the provision of basic services.
  • Increasing affordable / GAP housing, through social housing and Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP).
  • Prioritising the most deserving people in relation to the allocation of free Breaking New Ground (BNG) houses.

People of priority for the allocation of housing development, include the elderly, people with disabilities, child-headed households, backyard dwellers and those who have been on the waiting list for a while.

“As the Western Cape Government, we remain committed to accelerating human settlement delivery. While promoting social inclusion through the development of integrated, resilient and sustainable human settlements in an open opportunity society.”

Tertuis Simmers, Minister of Western Cape Human Settlements


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