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Burna Boy Opens Up About Seeing A Shrink


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Nigerian dancehall artiste Burna Boy has revealed that he has gone to the length of seeing a psychologist in the past and it was a mixed feeling experience.

The singer-songwriter revealed this in an interview with BeatFM stating that he went to see a psychologist because his parents were worried about him and when he went there he was a bit skeptical about the place considering practising Psychology in Nigeria is not popular, but he did commend the place saying it was like a movie and everything was in its right place until the Psychologist diagnosed him of battling with anger from the past.

According to Burna boy, the doctor commended him for being real unlike the dark-minded politicians she was used to treating, but he did not like the fact that the doctor came up with a wrong diagnosis for him because he claims he has no idea of whatever anger the doctor was talking about, either past or present as he sees himself as the happiest person he knows. For that reason, the artiste admitted that he never went back to the Psychologist for more counselling or any other reason.

The singer also confirmed his record deal signed with Atlantic Records earlier this year, stating that although people aren’t seeing that much, he is doing a lot with the records and more outcome will soon be unveiled, stuffs he’ll prefer people to rather see than him talking about it.

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