Bukunmi Oluwasina, Mo Bimpe, Kunle Afod others react as actor Mustapha Sholagbade’s babymama drags him with birthday post

Nollywood celebrities have taken to social media to react after actor Mustapha Sholagbade’s babymama, Adewumi drags him with a birthday post.

Recall Intel Region had earlier reported that Adewumi while celebrating actor Mustapha Sholagbade birthday on January 1st, 2023 ironically thanks him for being absent in their son’s, Yasir life.

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She tagged him as being a deadbeat father who makes his son feels fatherless and only manages to see him three times in the year 2022.

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Not stopping there, Adewumi thanked Mustapha for always coming for movie shoots in their area and not calling on their son’s grandma so he could see his first son. 

Reacting via the comment section of her post, acress Bukunmi Oluwasina showers some supports on her. She wrote, ” You just made me cry. I swear, this is one of the things i hate most in my life. I’m not even concerned about you and him, My concern is for my Yasir. NO child should ever pass through this. NO. NO. NOT FOR ANY REASON. Please @mustiphasholagbade Please, Begging you with everything Good that God has blessed you with on this day that you were born, To please look after yasir. Do your duties aside money. Please don’t let the poor boy be the one to pay for the mistakes you both made. Every child is important as their place of birth has nothing to do with what they can become, Even Jesus christ that we all look up to pray to today was born in an ordinary manger. Please . This is sad. Please. It is very very sad. Im crying typing this cos i know what Aunty Dewunmi go through everyday just to fill in for your space so yasir can be always happy. But it’s never the same. And it’s frustrating. I feel her pains so many times. As i am a mother myself and sometimes try to see things from her shoes. IT’S SAD. I pray God will help you to do better this year. And may God continue to bless you and all yours. Happy birthday. My beautiful sister, You know how much I love you. You are a hard worker and very diligent woman, And i remember you and yasir everytime i pray. Believe me. Inu yin a dun lojo ale. You will grow old to eat the good fruits of your labour lagbara oloun. .”

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See screenshot of her post below;

Bukunmi post

Actress, Mo Bimpe, the wife of actor Adedimeji Lateeef wrote, “Hmmmm I just woke up fully and read this words for words, we talk a lot about these things so I can’t even blame you for speaking out today . I can only encourage you sis, you’ll laugh last , there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. You work too hard , you always put Yasir first , I know your struggles and hustles just so he won’t feel the absence of his dad . Dear musty @mustiphasholagbade , Please overlook whatever issues you may have with sis Dewumi and put your son, his happiness and wellbeing ahead of it all . Please do the needful, May Allah grant you more wisdom, strength and grace to do the right things from now on. Sis Dewumi, don’t feel sad , Ayo lo ma Jasi lagbara oloun Check dm .”

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Actor Kunle Afod says, ” “Happy birthday to him …… God will comfort you.”

See screenshots of their posts below;

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