“Beautiful both ways” – Pretty Albino lady shares after make-up session, new transformation causes stirs online (Video)

A pretty albino lady has got many gushing on social media as she shared her after make-up session on the platform.

The young woman was first seen before the camera with corn braids on her hair, with no make up and in a casual, plaid polka dots blouse. 

She was also spotted holding two small bundles of bright orange-colored hair extensions.


She danced while sitting down making some hand gestures and immediately reached her hands towards the camera in one of the dance moves.

In the twinkle of an eye, she transformed from the no make-up, plaid blouse with corn braids to a full make-up, bright orange wigged lady still engaging in the same dance moves as before.

Social media users took to their comment section as they expressed their thoughts. Watch the video below: 


Some reactions are shown below:

@investor_e. b said, “If she open face app after make-up, them go say user not found.”

@teaser prank2 said, “Last one is satisfying “

@_rawllings said, “She get half pas eye.”

@laffmayor said, “She looks like Arianna.”

@kevindebruyne said, “Awww she is a cutie.”

@iamsweetvivianian said, “Ate and left no crumbs”.

feeltheglory1 said, “She’s so damn fine 😍😍gosh”.

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