Anita Okoye wins big as court officially dissolves her marriage to Paul Okoye

It is a sad time for fans of singer, Paul Okoye and estranged wife, Anita Okoye as the once lovebirds are officially divorced.

Recall that Anita filed for divorce last year, on the grounds of cheating, separation, being an absentee father, fraud, and difficult experiences.

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A year after her filing the court, an Abuja High court sitting in Maitama granted Anita and Paul Okoye divorce.

Anita, no doubt emerged victorious, as she requested a monthly settlement of $20,000 and a number of her husband’s mansions.

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Anita Okoye drags Paul to court

Recall that earlier this year, Anita Okoye had dragged Paul Okoye to court over alleged infidelity.

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The couple who are separated for over a year now had kept many hoping for a reconciliation.

However, we don’t think that would ever be possible as Anita Okoye had carried on with her divorce lawsuit.

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In her fillings, Anita Okoye dragged Paul to court for sleeping with their housemaid, Florence.

According to court documents that surfaced online, Paul was inviting Florence to hotels to carry out their illicit affairs.

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The court documents revealed that Paul had thrown Anita and her sister out of the house when they discovered his affair with his housemaid.

He also boasted that the reason for his actions was to ensure that Anita’s wings were clipped and that she had no one else to lean on.

It was also shocking to know that Paul Okoye hadn’t been interested in his kids’ upbringing and had rarely participated in disciplining his children.

Also, Paul had reneged on his promise to Anita and had failed to give her brand, TannkCo a space in the mall which they both built.

All of these and more led to Anita Okoye’s decision to file for divorce

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