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Basebaba.com is a blog sharing incredible personalities of comedians, biographies, events, history, videos, movies, travels, entertainment news.

Over the Years, Basebaba has grown so Big to Cater for the evergrowing needs of Information on the Internet, Created in 2012 and ever since, It has steadily grown into one of the Most Visited Nigerian Website with over 40 Million Pageviews Monthly. Our Mission is to become the Best Online Portal delivering fresh Nigerian Content to Nigerians home & abroad.

Basebaba covers almost all Facet of Life ranging from Personalities, Comedians, Biographies, Events, History, Videos, Movies, Travels, Entertainment News.

Nigerians find our Platform Useful, That’s why we’ve grown so Big with Organic Traffic… We Hope to Keep Delivering Fresh Content to all our Audience. Contact us Here

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