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The 5 High-Risk Referral Sin’s Entrepreneurs Make And What To Do About It


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The First Deadly Sin

Most entrepreneurs commit this sin, are you one of them?

You don’t ask for cash producing referrals, and you need to start immediately.

Even when you provide people with estimates or interactions of your time…ask. Prepare to watch magic unfold before your eyes 😉

When you get referrals, instant trust, security & rapport happens. Generally this means a warmed up lead instead of a cold prospect.

More Trust = More Money…

As the trust factor increases, so does your money.

When you ask for referrals at the beginning of a project vs at the end, something magic happens.

You remain in someones mind for a longer period of time, which is some prime real-estate. Their Mind.

This means they will see many people as they go through their days. You will be relevant to daily conversation and can capitalize in this window for the span of the project.

Where as if you wait until the end, you say “Please Mr. Prospect, refer me!”

After your last interactions are complete, they don’t care too much about you.

They have other things to worry about, tend to…it’s not that they don’t like you, it’s the fact that you missed a prime window.

Act now, or forever hold your peace.

Second Deadly Sin.

Making referrals a rule of doing business with you.

Now, you may view this as balsy or extreme, but look at it this way.

When you receive referrals, you can focus more on your client experience. If not you will be spending time and money acquiring new clients.

You see, how you frame this for the customer is exactly as I said above.

“Mr. Client, one stipulation of us working together is I need referrals from you, 2 in fact.”

“What this does is it helps me service you on a higher level. This way I can deliver more of an outstanding experience. I can focus the majority of my time on you. Are you able todo that for me?”

Unless they are a blatant douchebag (you shouldn’t work for those anyways) they will always say yes.

Third Deadly Sin.

Well, this isn’t a direct referral strategy, but…it’s a way of tapping into a large part of your market. HINT: With little to no extra effort.

It’s rarely used.

It’s called Host Beneficiary.

Find a company that does similar business as you, that has your customer base yet does not offer what you do. Ensure you are not direct competition.

It’s like being the tire supplier to a car shop that doesn’t sell tires .

The people that come in, have cars. Which need tires…get it?

To get this persons attention, come at them with an intro line of something rather along the lines. “How would you like to make an extra 10,000 – 20,000$ per year?”

Anyone you ever approach ever… is always tuned into WIIFM.

You must pull them out of their reality and grab their attention.

Someone will give you 5 minutes of their time to explain your plan to have access to their contact book. Trust me.

WIIFM = Whats in it for me. Selfish creatures aren’t we.

Make it juicy like a fat steak todo business with you. Irresistible.

Forth Deadly Sin.

This may seem BackAsswards but…GIVE

Give your potential clients, referrals. Ask how you can help them.

Be interested in how you can help. This one is the shortest, but the most powerful.

Givers Gain.

Fifth Deadly Sin.

When someone rewards you with referrals. Give a gift.

Give them a delicious decadent treat for “treating’ you so well. Show your respect and appreciation.

Usually a consumable item of some sorts. Every time the item is consumed, they think of you.

Because you kick ass, and deserve to be top of mind.


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