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Ramadan Kareem To All Muslims On Basebaba – It Won’t Be Your Last 🙏


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As-Salaam-Alaikum to all Muslims on Basebaba,

Ramadan is here again 😄 Let us seize this once in a year wonderful opportunity to move closer to Allah.

Remember, it is a month of bountiful blessings and forgiveness. So, do everything within your capacity to stay closer to your creator.

Important Things To Take Note Of

● Stay away from Pornographic Videos that can diminish or destroy your fasting.

● Stay away from Drugs, Cigarette, Woman or Sexual talks.

● Stay closer to the Quran (Even if you can’t read Arabic, you can read the Arabic Transliteration, Listen to Quran Audios or Islamic lecturers).

● Don’t miss Solat.

● Be be kind to everyone that comes your way during the month of Ramdan and coming months.

May Allah accept all our efforts as an act of Ibadat (Amin) 🙏

Maa Salam.


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